Friday, February 12, 2016

7QT: Giveaway, Baby, Snow Days and Renos


Don't forget to enter my giveaway from the last post for an Ultimate Easter Basket, featuring ten awesome items!


Baby Martin #7 Update:

Well, we hit 12 weeks this week, with the official due date being changed to August 24, 2016.  I had the NT Scan done, and everything looked perfectly healthy (thank you Jesus!).  The baby is so so so active on the ultrasound. He/she kept bending his/her legs, then jumping up and sliding back down.  It was so cool to watch, even the ultrasound tech couldn't stop laughing.  I had the blood work taken to find out the gender results within a week or so!


Anybody want to guess what it is before we know for sure?  Here's some "symptoms" to keep you informed:

Baby's heart rate was 166.

My face is breaking out in pimples and coldsores.  It's like I'm Colleen Sweeney from 1996.

Dairy makes me super sick.

I've gained 9 pounds in 12 weeks (aye aye aye!).

And, well, that's it really.  I'm nauseous when I don't eat often (hence the weight gain) and I get pretty bad headaches/light-headedness in the evenings.


The kids had Catholic Schools Week last week, it was very fun!  I only took photos of career day and the basketball game of Faculty vs. Kids.  Spoiler alert, the kids won!

Maggie as a baker.  And a mom and soccer player, in case you couldn't tell.

Eamon as a pro football player.  He still wants to be a priest, but we didn't plan ahead too well!

Andrew as yet another football player.  The Manning boys got nothing on us!

Xander as a builder like Grandpa.  But he's also a baker like Maggie.

JP as a CIA agent, when the business man idea didn't pan out because he couldn't find a briefcase.

And since Declan's not old enough to do things like this, here's a video of him trying to count, but with a potty mouth!

Only CYO kids were allowed to play, so only my Andrew could play - he's the cute one in the middle!  Who, me, biased?

Maggie and the girls cheering them on.

JP with his bff.  I guess 7th graders smile with closed lips??

Declan ate M&M's all night!

The amazing faculty and staff that didn't mind looking like fools ;)  That's our pastor on the end right!

Xander's 100th day of preschool.  Those ears kill me.  And the chapped lips below the mouth are totally what I used to get.  My older siblings called them Clown Lips.  We're not so cruel to Xander Blaise :)


Kitchen reno talk...

We went to research and price out replacing out kitchen cabinets, counters, appliances, and adding an island.  Talk about sticker shock!!  We are thinking of keeping our cabinets, because aside from me wanting white cabinets, they are good quality and we can't justify spending thousands of dollars to replace them.  We will replace our ugly light counter tops with dark ones, and add an island with a matching counter top.  We will also replace our dishwasher, oven, and microwave which are all really old and in need of repair soon.  We're going stainless steel with those.  So...the decorating question I have is:

Should I go with a white island in the style I want, or match the island to the brown cabinets we already have?

I've been googling brown cabinets with a white island, and think these look nice.  I just have a fear that doing it in my actual kitchen will look mismatched:


It's been snowing around here!  We got about a foot last Friday and school was cancelled and then another foot on Monday and school was cancelled again!  Yay for 4 day weekends, especially the Monday after the Superbowl :)

And yay for boys who can shovel!

The kids finally got to use their snowball scoopers they got from their Aunt & Uncle at Christmas!  And we colored some water and they prettied things up a bit!

This weekend is supposed to be in the single digits - which makes cuddling to keep warm a necessity and not just a smooth Valentine's Day move.


Lent is off to a great start.  It's always so easy in the beginning, isn't it?  As a family we are giving up sweets at home and eating seafood on Friday dinners.  I'm the only seafood lover in the house, so it's really everybody else's sacrifice :)  We also "cheat" on Sundays (starting with the Saturday night vigil) and birthdays (you can't choose your birthday), and all major saints days.  So, umm, a lot.  As far as individual sacrifices, I told the kids it was between them and God what they wanted to give up or add on to make them a better person at the end of Lent then at the beginning.  It's funny how some of my kids are great at keeping things like that to themselves and others just  I totally get that, as I want to tell Phil every time I practice a virtuous act.  Restraint is hard :)

Have a wonderful Lenten, wintery, romantic Valentiney weekend everybody!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The ULTIMATE Easter Basket Giveaway (Ten prizes!)

I know, I know, it's not even Lent yet (one more day of feasting!) and I'm already talking about Easter!  But you know how some people like to get their Christmas shopping finished before Advent?  Why not get your Easter shopping done before Lent?  That should totally be a thing, right?!?  So I've rounded up some of my favorite Catholic items to create the ULTIMATE Easter Basket for one lucky winner.  Please make sure you visit these beautiful shops, all of the owners were so wonderful to work with and so generous to provide me with an item for this giveaway!  I couldn't recommend them any more whole-heartedly!

Ok, here's what you can win...TEN items in all!


G.K. Chesterton shirt from MONKROCK.  It reads "In Catholicism, the pint, the pipe, and the cross can all fit together".  We gave one of these to Phil's Dad a few years ago, and he loves it!  (You get to pick the size)


A Holy Family necklace from Jaspern Jade.  This necklace is such a wonderful reminder of what our families should strive to imitate even though there are so many difficult crosses thrown our way.  What better example of family life than Mary, Joseph, and Jesus?  Right?!  


A beautiful print from Hatch Prints with a quote from St. Catherine of Sienna "Be who God made you to be and you will set the world on fire."  I thought this would be perfect for a child's bedroom (or any room, really!) as a reminder that they will only be happy if they follow God's Will.  We have this one hanging in Maggie's room :)


A felt saint softie of the Immaculate Heart of Mary from Saintly Silver.  These softies are so adorable, we have St. Margaret Mary, St. Alexander, and St. Declan!  Erin has so many options available in her store, even those harder to find saints.


A set of Rosary Roses from Annery's Handmade. These pretty roses are perfect for a busy toddler (or older adult whose fingers can't quite grasp small beads anymore)  to hold during the family rosary.  They come in a cute pouch with the mysteries of the rosary cards to help older kids along.  These are definitely going to help make our family rosaries a little more peaceful!


A onesie that reads "Cradle Catholic" from Marilyn's Diaper Castle.  I saw this onesie and knew I wanted, no, needed it for Martin Baby #7.  How adorably witty! (You can choose the size)


A Benedictine bracelet for kids from Special Creation 4 U.  We bought these for my older boys to wear (and had them blessed) to help keep them protected through St. Benedict's intercession.  These bracelets are hand woven in Medjugorje and fit children ages 3-13.


A lego rosary from Memento Moose.  How cool is this?  These legos can snap together, and as each prayer is said, you can snap off that lego brick and slide it along the cord to keep your place.  The perfect busy boy rosary.  Alexander loves his, but allllll the boys want one now!


Your choice of a mug:

 or tumbler:

 from Printable Prayers with the following morning offering prayer printed on it:

O God, I offer you this day, 
all I do, and think, and say,
in union with what once was done, 
on earth by Jesus Christ, your son.

What a great way to start each day!


And finally!  From Custom Crayons by Sara, a set of 8 cross crayons (each in their own Easter egg) with an Easter poem explaining the significance of each color.  Great for the toddler set, and such a nice alternative to all the candy kids usually get inside their Easter eggs :)

OK, now you've seen alllll the amazing prizes, so how do you enter to win?

Easy Peasy!  Use the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!  One winner will be chosen on February 25, 2016 :)