Friday, August 29, 2014

7 QT: The Week from Down Under

Amen that this week is finally coming to a close.  Hello 3 day weekend!  Joining Jen for 7QT.

I'm not on Facebook or Twitter (and I'm actually thinking of stopping the blog because I don't seem to have time for any quality writing anymore) so I don't know if you all already know this song, but I just love it.

AAAAHHHHHH!  I wrote this post on Thursday, went to link it up to Jen's on Friday and saw we had both written about the same song.  Great minds or what?

 My Dad went through surgery great and came home this week.  That's the good news!

Now for the bad news.  Our nanny's daughter had a baby, which would make our nanny a grandmother for the first time.  So exciting!  But, it means she has decided to help her daughter out with the baby and has taken the last 2 weeks off and will take next week off also.  This means we have been scrambling for childcare right at the beginning of school when we can't be asking for time off.  And because my Dad is recovering from surgery and my mom is taking care of him, we can't ask them.

Fortunately I have sisters who have helped me out all last week.  But it meant me going into work an hour late and then having to stay an hour late each day to make up the time.  And work has been incredibly busy for me, c'est la vie.


I was trying to breastfeed Declan until 6 months, but my supply has dwindled this week (probably stress and exhaustion related) and he is getting more bottles of formula.  Now when I go to breastfeed him, he starts gnawing on my nipple like he would a bottle, and since he's teething that's no fun at all.  I think my breastfeeding time is coming to an end sooner than I wanted.  I know breast is best, but so is Mom being with Baby all day, and I haven't quite figured out how to be a full time working mom and breastfeed exclusively.  He'll be 5 months old on Tuesday, and I feel pretty good about the run we had.

Soccer season is starting next week!  Four kids playing this year, which means 4 different teams, 4 different games (all on Saturdays) and 4 different practices during the week.  Do you think it's rude if I just call all their coaches and ask them to all make practice on the same day at the same time to fit my schedule?  Kidding, sort of.

Ok, enough whining.  In the big scheme of things, I really have nothing to complain about.  I've got a great husband, awesome kids, a roof over our head and food in the fridge.  We are blessed. 

Have a great LAST WEEKEND OF AUGUST everybody!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That's What He Said

"Got my new pack-pack!  And it has a buckle!"

During a quiet part of Mass on Sunday, I whispered to Alexander "You're being so good today!" and he shouted "AND MY UNDERWEAR IS DRY TOO!"

Speaking of potty training...whenever we ask him if his underwear is dry, his response is always "All Day!" no matter if it's the end of the day or 6:30 am.  He reminds me of this guy:

Any person that comes to our house: "Why is he in his underwear?"
Xander: Because I'm on the Potty Train!

Unrelated Feeding of the Ducks photo.

Once we finally arrived at Plymouth Rock, Xander yelled:

"Why we lookin' at a wock?"

And finally...
Our babysitter (who's back in started doing this trick to get Alexander to go to bed for her.  She called it "Chinese Tuck-In" and would tuck him in like an egg roll while making karate sounding noises.  Hey, whatever gets the job done.  Here's Xander trying to show me what Chinese Tuck In sounds like (yes he's in his underwear):

Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of...

First Grade for Maggie:

Second Grade for Eamon:

Fourth Grade for Andrew:

Sixth Grade for John-Paul:

New school for everyone!

(Alexander starts pre-school next week)

It's the most wonderful time of the year :)

P.S. My Dad is recovering really well from open heart surgery (triple bypass and aortic valve replacement).  He is able to walk around and is in great spirits.  His main complaint is the lack of sleep in the hospital and that his wedding ring was cut off, after never leaving his finger for 48 years.  Thank you so very much for the prayers, we could really feel them!!

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